Wednesday, December 19, 2007

    Back to the Hospital

    Well, we're back in the hospital again. We enjoyed our one night out, kind of, but we found the hospital too irresistable, it would seem.

    All joking aside, they've finally found the reason for Cole's fevers over the past week. Cole spiked a fever of 103 this morning before we came to clinic and this prompted Dr. Owen to order a CT scan of Cole's chest. The scan found roughly 10 "masses" in his lungs, what are most likely either a bacterial or a fungal infection. Further testing, via an echocardiogram (ultra-sound of the heart) showed that Cole also has several more masses in his heart.

    The source of this infection seems most likely to be his picc line, which is not uncommon. They pulled his picc today, but thankfully were able to get a new IV stick with just one try in the clinic, so he has IV access. Pray that his IV functions properly until it is not needed anymore.

    Cole will be going into surgery sometime tomorrow morning for a biopsy of the masses in his lungs. From this, they hope to get an idea of what the infection is so that they can successfully treat it quickly.

    As a result of all of this, one of Cole's chemo drugs, vincristine, was held today. I don't know when it will be given to him, but it is a pretty major thing to completely hold a drug like that.

    Pray for Cole to come succesfully and safely through surgery tomorrow, and for the biopsy to reveal what the infection is. Then, pray for a quick treatment with no lasting effects for Cole.

    The only note of encouragement I can give you right now is that the doctors are optimistic about the outcome of Cole's treatment. Pray for wisdom and guidance for them as they continue to treat Cole.


    Langston-Family said...

    A prayin we will go, a prayin we will go... Hi ho adario.. a prayin we will go!

    Martha said...

    On my knees praying for sweet Cole.

    Jenny said...

    Praying Praying Praying....sent your blog to many others to pray away!