Monday, December 3, 2007

    A Bath for All

    We had a good day in the clinic, though we did have a "Code Brown" moment. It took Dalynn and I, combined with the aid of one of the nurses, to change Cole's diaper today. After we were done, they had to call a cleaning crew to clean down the bathroom. Cole's pants were rendered unwearable and his Mickey slippers took one for the team. It was, hands down, a huge poop.

    Speaking of poop, the last few days we've been up to our eye-balls in poop. Cole finally got over his constipation, and things unfortunately swung the opposite direction. We had to take him off of lactulose completely (that's his stool softener) to get him to quit going. His hiney is so raw we had to get something called "Bag Balm", which is something they use on the udders of cows when they are milking them. If you're in need of a diaper rash cure, I can highly recommend it.

    With Cole pooping so much, he was due for a bath tonight. Baths are not his most favorite things now. As a matter of fact, he cries as much for a bath now as he does for a procedure in the hospital. It is also a two person job, now. I'm sure we could do it with just one, but we use two to make it as fast as possible. This all makes baths a rather high stress time.

    Cue tonight's bath!

    Grammy and I cart a crying Cole upstairs to the bathroom. She starts the tub filling while I take off Cole's clothes. Much to my horror, Cole had a previously undetected poopy diaper! Grammy abandons bath filling to run downstairs and grab the special wipes we're using on Cole, so as not to tear his hiney up any more. I hold Cole still til she returns.

    Grammy wipes Cole down, much to his angst. He is now screaming and crying in equal amounts. We fumble around trying to put the sleeve on his arm which covers his picc line while we bathe him, but eventually get it on.

    About that time, as Grammy is bending over to check the water, I notice that my stomach, to which Cole is pressed, is rather warm, and that warmth is spreading down my legs... Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Cole had just relieved himself on Daddy! In my shock, I start yelling at Grammy to help, though I'm quite unsure what she could have done at that point.

    We then rush to get Cole in the bath as quickly as possible, but yank him back out when he starts screaming bloody murder (we had put him in feet first, thank God). Seems neither Grammy nor I had actually managed to check the temperature of the water in all the fuss.

    We did manage to get him washed, though, in the end, and it only took us about twice as long as it should have.

    I took a shower, afterwards, but ran out of hot water half way through it. It was just a bad night for baths, apparently...


    lisa said...

    i love the blow-by-blow of the night. i could so see daniel and myself having that same scenario....josiah did pee on jacob tonight as i was attempting to get them in the bath. for what its worth, our good friend who had lymphoma this year(who had horrible intestinal problems with vincristine) told me today that they did eventually find a balance between constipation and diarrhea, it just took a little while. so hang in there!! we're praying God will bring balance in all areas!! love you all!

    Shaun and Faith M said...

    I feel so blessed that you share every detail of your struggles. I will continue to pray.