Thursday, December 13, 2007

    Back to the Hospital

    Well, we were admitted again today. This time it's an unexplained fever which comes and gos at random. When Cole is neutropenic, which means he can't fight off infection, if he runs a fever of 101 it's to the hospital we go. This AM, Cole was running a fever of 100.9 and then a second fever of 100.4. The other rule about fevers is that if he runs 100.4 or more twice within an hour it's to the hospital we go!

    So, off to the clinic we went this morning. Dr. Owen made the decision to admit us this afternoon because he was afraid the fever would make a reappearance and we'd end up going through the ER, which we didn't want to do. Turns out he was right. By the time we got up to the floor Cole had a fever of 101 again. We'd have been in the ER by 10 pm...

    Dalynn and I figured it was as good a time as any to try only one of us at the hospital, so she's there with Cole and I'm at home. Pray that it goes well, as this will be the way we have to do things in the future.