Thursday, December 6, 2007

    Things So Far

    I wanted to put up a couple of pictures to illustrate what chemo and leukemia have done to Cole thus far.

    The top picture is from Cole's birthday party. At that point, he probably had active leukemia, and he does look a little sick. He'd had something going on for a week, whether it be croup or nose bleeds. This picture was taken on 11/4.

    Cole was admitted to the hospital on 11/12 and was diagnosed on 11/14. The second picture was taken on 12/6, so over a month after his birthday pic. So far, he's put on about 6 pounds. Most of the visual change is from the steroids he's taking, and from what we understand, he should shed the extra weight and puffiness quickly, within a month or two.

    However, it is still difficult for me to see, obviously. I look at Cole and wonder where the sweet boy who used to run to greet me at the door with "Daddy!" went. I miss his sweet smile. We haven't seen Cole smile in over 2 weeks, now. He mainly sleeps and eats. We're forcing him to get up and walk and play. It's just heart-breaking to watch.

    The light at the end of the tunnel is that there's less than a week of induction left. Less than a week of steroids. As a matter of fact, he's already had his last dose of vincristine. Hopefully, soon after, I'll get to see my little boy smile and play and laugh again.

    On a positive note, we went to the first Qdoba fund raiser tonight. It was wonderful to see all of the support for Cole. There were so many people there, from my work and from church. It was very bracing to see so much support, and to talk to everyone.

    Thank you to everyone that came. You not only helped raise money for Cole's treatment, but you certainly made things easier in mine and Dalynn's hearts.