Thursday, November 1, 2007

    WoW and Addictions - Watch more free videos

    So, I saw this video the other day. I thought it was both funny and disturbing.

    Funny cause I've been there. Not with Halo, but with WoW. So, I can relate.

    Disturbing cause I've been there.

    I guess what has me posting this today is a kind of confession. I still keep up with some of the folks I played WoW with. I made some "good" friends when I played WoW. That is to say, I made friends with folks that I enjoyed spending time with online and who understood my obsession with the game. They obsessed over the game, too.

    I still talk to a lot of these folks, either via forums or IM. But, I noticed something yesterday: When I talk to the ones that still play the game, we don't talk about anything but the game. When I talk to the ones that have moved on from the game, we can talk about other things, but I don't talk to them as much.

    Further, I still marginally enjoy talking about the game. I still keep up with the patches and changes that Blizzard makes and I can still relate when folks tell me what kind of "problems" they are having in-game. It still fascinates me what I could be doing in this mythical world.

    I guess the question is, should I be worried that I still take an interest in this game?

    Right now, I don't think so. I'm not obsessing over it as I used to (when I played) and I do get tired of talking about it when the conversation lasts more than about 10 minutes. Therefor, to me, it seems like it's a "normal" or "average" interest. It's when it becomes obsessive that I feel I need to worry.

    Beyond that, I don't see it becoming an obsession again. I follow football more "obsessively" than I follow WoW. I definitely spend more time watching football! But, football doesn't consume my life, it's merely a passing interest.

    So, is it possible to move from obsession to healthy interest? I don't really know the answer to that, but I do know that I don't ever really want to be obsessed with something to the exclusion of life again. I guess I'll find out eventually if it's possible to be healthily interested in something that you used to be obsessed with.


    David said...

    Now were just waiting for the wow addict song lol.

    Now that I'm done playing halo 3. Maybe I'll turn and level my pally.

    Gotta farm gold all day, I neglect real life in every way.

    You should have never shown me your blog spot mike lol.

    Michael.Rollins said...

    Haha, you'll be the second person to read it consistently! I love having readers!