Thursday, November 29, 2007


    We got the results back from Cole's bone-marrow aspirate yesterday, and the news is wonderful. He's at 2%! This means that only 2% of the cells they pulled out of his bone marrow were cancerous! To give you perspective, he was 85% when he was diagnosed. So, in two weeks of chemo, his numbers have fallen 83%.

    This officially classifies Cole as a rapid responder, which I believe means his treatment will be easier. We are way excited about this, obviously!

    Also, we came home from the hospital yesterday. Getting out of the hospital is a wonderful thing to me, though Dalynn feels the pressure from it rather keenly. When we're in the hospital, the nurses and doctors manage Cole's meds and care, whereas, at home, Dalynn does. She does a fantastic job, but that doesn't lessen the burden she feels. I honestly believe that this is part of what makes her such a good nurse and mother.

    A little update on the infection Cole had. It wasn't staph, it was strep. It was only cultured once, so most likely it is gone from his system, but he was sent home on IV antibiotics (which Dalynn administers) as a precaution/treatment.

    His picc line is fine, and will not have to be removed right now. The medical team, though, is already saying he will need a porta-cath, which doesn't bother me too much. He's going to need one on account of him being such a hard stick, and on account of his dreading being stuck.

    A porta-cath is a central line that resides under his skin. It's implanted through surgery. It's a kind of sub-dural permanent IV in his upper chest. Before we go to clinic, we can put a cream on the skin over the porta-cath which will numb the skin. Then, when the nurse at clinic inserts the IV, which of necessity will have to penetrate his skin over the porta-cath, he won't feel it. It's a neat little system and is one that I hope they can use on Cole. Because of his age, and size, there's a slight concern that he can't have one, but right now, the general consensus is that he will be able to.

    Of course, that's still a few weeks down the line. For now, he'll continue to receive his treatment through his picc.


    The Williams said...

    Awesome news! Answered prayer. Thanks for sharing Mike. we sure miss seeing the cruly-haired blondie around. :-) L

    Inkwasbetter said...

    GREAT NEWS MAN! That is so awesome!

    tomsteffens said...

    We appreciate you sharing these details about Cole's treatment and recovery. It is testimony to your courage Michael in the face of these threats to your child and to your determination (with a little help from that Big Guy upstairs) to overcome all this. In 2017 you will be sitting around the thanksgiving table and marveling as to how much Cole eats.....and then someone will bring up the remember when story of this past year.....there is an end to this tunnel and we have you all in our prayers. God Bless , Tom Ellie and the Gang...

    Shaun and Faith M said...

    That is so great to hear!

    Langston-Family said...

    We could not be more excited to hear the news! In light of the exhaustion, shock and awe of everything, it is great to hear the positive. Praise be to God! We continue to pray for favor, comfort, peace and understanding as your family continues press forward during this difficult time. I look forward to speaking with you soon!
    Jerry, Heather, Conner and Parker