Sunday, November 25, 2007

    Fanatical About Poop

    Gee, I guess I was pretty discouraged yesterday, but I think rightly so. However, the response to my discouragement has been overwhelming and I want you all to know that I appreciate you all for your encouragement! At the very least, I now feel way more encouraged than I did yesterday, despite that things have not been perfect today.

    A couple things happened today. The most major is that they cultured Cole's picc line and found that he has a staph infection, which means it could be MRSA. This is not catastrophic, however, and they are already treating it as aggressively as possible. They have said there is the chance that they will have to remove the line, but that does not seem likely right now. The staph infection is the most likely cause of his fever yesterday, but he has not been running a fever for several hours, now.

    Also, part of his picc line (just the part that is not in the vein) came unclipped and was exposed. Not a big deal, and it had the added benefit of working better once Joel, our VAT angel in disguise here the last few days, changed his dressing. It used to be that whenever Cole bent his arm, his picc line would occlude. Now, however, he seems to have full range of movement in his arm with no occlusion. This is wonderful.

    Last, but certainly not least, Cole has had 5 bowel movements in the past 24 hours, the last of which was watery (diarrhea)! This means he will probably not have to have an NG tube placed in him and have his bowels flushed with Go Lightly! This makes me so happy, I'm worried I'm becoming fanatical about poop!

    So, even with the news that he has a staph infection and that we'll likely be here for several days, today has not been all that bad. Certainly better than yesterday! Once again, thank you all for your encouragement, and please continue to pray.

    Prayer Requests:
    • That Cole's staph infection will clear up quickly and that they will not have to replace his picc line.
    • That we can soon go home.


    Anonymous said...

    praise the Lord for poop!! we will continue to pray for bowel mobility- is that ok?? i'll be fanatical with you. and we're definitely praying for the staph infection to clear up. AND for you to be encouraged daily. we love you- i'd give blood if i could- maybe next week when i come up there!