Wednesday, January 2, 2008

    Quick Update

    So, we're still in the hospital and are likely to be for a while. Cole's fevers are back, though still not as severe or frequent as before. The doctors are actually quite glad he's running fevers, as it means that his immune system is fully engaged in fighting off the fungus. While that's great, fevers mean hospitalization while he's having the fevers and with no end in sight that's a bit daunting.

    Cole is having a bone scan of his left thigh tomorrow (and maybe more, I'm not sure). They're going to be injecting a dye into him a few hours before, then CT scanning him. He's been complaining of some leg pain and Dr. Owen just wants to make sure that the fungal infection hasn't spread to any other areas. I hesitate to say that it's "just routine", as every time someone has said that recently it's turned out to not be "just routine results", if you catch my meaning.

    Cole's spirits are good, though. He's playing all day long most days and he's getting some good exercise in the play-rooms for at least an hour a day. His standing and walking are getting better, and he's much more stable on his feet. It's so good to see him getting his strength back, and so quickly. I honestly didn't think he'd recover anywhere near as quickly as he has been. There's a marked improvement every time we get him on his feet and moving around.