Friday, January 4, 2008

    Real Life Pace vs. Hospital Pace

    Cole's CT bone scan was done yesterday and the results came in today. Thankfully, it was completely normal. The infection has not spread to his leg, which is a blessing and a relief, though an expected one. He also hasn't run a fever since yesterday, but I'm not sure if it's been 24 hours or not.

    That doesn't mean we're leaving, of course, as he got a new IV med today, an immune factor called IGG. It will help him fight off the fungal infection and may be something he gets in the future. Dr. Owen says that he wants to keep us in the hospital through the weekend for observation of how Cole does with IGG. So far, so good.

    Cole spent most of today sleeping, but that is mainly due to his hemoglobin being 7.1, which is low for a toddler. If an adult had hemoglobin that low he or she would be on the floor. It's amazing how resilient kids are. Cole's going to be getting some blood tonight and that should make him feel better tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll be able to get to the all-important play-room then.

    Tonight is my night to stay here with Cole which is completely fine with me. It's kind of nice staying here, now. I realized that this week while I was at work. I was feeling a little anxious about all I had to do (kind of some make-up work for being out for a week and a half, if you will) and I started thinking about how the hustle of normal life is so different from the hospital.

    In the hospital there's not a ton you have to do. There might be a few procedures that occur during a day, but generally not to many. You spend a lot of your time waiting for certain events to take place. The attending comes in to talk with you sometime in the morning, as do specialists. Meds arrive at set times and vitals are taken every few hours. Besides that, the time is yours. Granted, you spend a lot of time waiting for results, but that's becoming bearable.

    Compare that to the normal speed of real life, where time isn't measured in events, it's measured in productivity. How much did I get done today, or how much will I be able to do? Am I producing enough to keep the folks around me happy? Am I doing enough to continue at the pace that I've set previously? When you're used to the time-management system of the hospital, the real world system can stress you out.

    Now, to be fair, I expected it and only stressed about it for a few hours. Once I got my feet back underneath me I was able to maintain pretty well. It wasn't as much of a shock this time as it was the first time, mainly because I was prepared for it. But, the differences were very apparent to me this time.

    As to which I prefer, the answer would have to be the one I'm used to. Now that I've spent a few days at work, I kind of hate sitting here in the hospital "doing nothing". There's a part of me that really wishes I could be coding away (I'm a software developer, in case you didn't know), happily oblivious to the passing of time. If I spend a few days here at the hospital, though, I'm sure that I'll prefer the pace of things here. It's all a matter of what you're used to, I guess.


    Langston-Family said...

    It sounds like things are really headed in the right direction. Praise God. I glad to hear Cole is resting peacefully and of the absence of the higher tempurature fever. Continue to hang in there, remember one day at a time and last of all, this time next year is going to be the "new normal". I will speak with you soon, till then let us know what we can do for you and your family. May the God of creation and salvation continue to bless you and your family with peace, favor and His presence. In Him, JL