Wednesday, April 9, 2008

    This is a video of our other child, Logan. I pulled out my guitar tonight and Logan decided he'd break it down for us.

    I quite honestly don't mention Logan a lot, but I'd like to change that. As you can imagine we've been very focused on Cole's treatment, but we haven't forgotten about Logan at all. I'll give you a little update on him.

    He's recently, in the past two weeks, started motoring around on all fours. You put him down in one spot, turn your back, and he's gone. A couple days ago, I put him down in the living room, then went to get some water. I hadn't even started putting the water in the cup when a horrendous crash came out of the living room. Dalynn and I ran in there as fast as we could, but Logan was fine. He was up on his knees, looking at the table he'd just pulled over, wondering what all the noise was about.

    He also thinks his brother is the best thing since sliced bread and a very tasty teething ring. Logan, Cole and I spent the morning before I went to work playing. We were playing on the floor and Logan kept leaning over and trying to bite Cole. Cole was not a fan of this, "He's touching me!" However, if Logan wasn't trying to gum Cole to death, he just wanted to be near him. It's was very sweet.

    I'll try to keep you all up to date on Logan as well as Cole.

    Cole starts the second leg of delayed intensification tomorrow. He's done with the first leg, and is recovering well, though we don't know how the next leg will effect him. Our prayer request now is that Cole will not have any side effects from this next leg, specifically that he won't run a fever. A lot of kids run fevers as a side effect, and since they're neutropenic, that's a passport to the hospital until the fever clears up. Being in the hospital is very difficult, so we'd prefer to not go there.


    kdbquinni said...

    AW...Logan is SO big! And he's so cute dancing!! Tell the family I say hi...and I miss you all.

    Goode Design said...

    Y'know, before I was a dad, I kinda didn't understand why parents centered so much of their conversations around their children and their activities... but now that Charlize Marianela "Charli" Goode has arrived... I can't help looking at her and admiring her and talking about her. I wonder if our father is the same way with us?

    anyway... cool vid... hey, are those monitors behind you a projection or are they just monitors... or is it something else entirely?

    Michael.Rollins said...

    Hah, monitors! Those are windows... I wish I could afford two monitors that size, or even two projectors of that quality, lol!

    Yeah, it's pretty crazy how your life instantly starts revolving around your children once you have them. I never understood how fiercely you could love someone until we had Cole, and I was terrified that I wouldn't love Logan as much as I love Cole before Logan was born. Turns out I love Logan just as much.

    Good to hear you're so comfortable in the dad role. How old is she?

    Carolyn Mayer said...

    Yay! great video :) Logan is growing up so fast!

    Anonymous said...

    Such Cuties!!!!
    Music is an amazing thing :)

    kdbquinni said...

    AW...Logan is SO big! And he's so cute dancing!! Tell the family I say hi...and I miss you all.