Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    Line Out

    Well, Cole's line is out. It came out last night and they started an IV at the same point. Before they took the line out, though, they topped him off with some red blood, so hopefully he'll be feeling even better.

    Dalynn and I are now planning on being in the hospital for at least another week, perhaps longer. One of the doctors has made noises about us going home soon, but we're not putting much stock in that. Our thinking is that we may just opt to stay in for another week.

    The reason is that his ANC is going to be down below 500 and he starts cytaribine again on Thursday. With cytaribine, he seems to run a low grade fever. Since his ANC is below 500, if he does run a fever then that's an automatic trip to the hospital for an extended stay til such a time as either his counts come back up or his fever goes away for at least 24 hours. Consequently, we'd probably end up leaving the hospital for a day only to find ourselves right back in.

    We've done that before (left the hospital for a day, only to turn right around and come back) and it's really just not worth it. It takes forever to get admitted, first off, and now we're "set up" at the hospital. We have a bunch of clothes there, food for Cole, we have toys from the play room and we have a room that we like. Why pack all that up, haul it home for a night, then go back?

    So, we're looking at this as being in for the "long haul". Hopefully it won't be for more than a week, but if it is, we're prepared.


    River City said...

    i hope Cole feels better soon and they find a cure for him.
    from Maya Best