Sunday, April 13, 2008

    In the Hospital Yet Again

    We spent yesterday in the ER when Cole spiked a slight fever (100.5) and held it for an hour. By our "rules" that meant we had to take Cole in, and since it was the weekend, we went to the CHKD ER around 8 am.

    They ran all of the normal cultures, treated him with an antibiotic and released us to go home. The expectation was that we'd be coming back the next day (Sunday, which is today) if he ran another fever at all (which he did). However, much to our surprise, we got a call at 3 am this morning from the hospital. They had cultured a gram-positive cocci bacteria from the cultures they took on Saturday and they wanted us to come in immediately.

    So, at 3 am we hauled ourselves out of bed, got Cole and his diaper bag and took off for the ER yet again. Long story short is that we're now admitted to 8B, room 801, again and we're likely to be here through at least Tuesday, perhaps longer.

    The best scenario is that the culture is a contaminant. If it is, then it won't culture again. If it doesn't culture again, and he doesn't run any more fevers then we're sprung and we can go home. Of course, we've been down the "hoping for a conatminant" road before and I don't particularly feel like putting my hope in that.

    Second best scenario is that it isn't a contaminant but it responds to the antibiotics that he's getting already, in which case we could still get out of here sooner rather than later.

    The "no fever" part may pose a problem, however, as we're pretty certain Cole is running low grade fevers due to a chemo, cytaribine, that he's currently getting. Tomorrow is his last dose of it, though, so hopefully we can keep the fevers to a minimum.

    It's hard not to want to just get out of here. I truly find the hospital to be a dragging, dull place. The atmosphere is lightened by Cole himself and the staff here, but it's still hard not to resent just being here. My mood, though, has gotten better since I got a little bit of sleep. A little...

    I think it's easier on Dalynn, but I can't figure out why. I think it may have something to do with feeling comfortable with being in someone else's care, whereas I don't take as much comfort from that. It's really hard to say. Maybe it's just a guy thing, lol!

    The main thing that I keep telling myself, though, is that it's important for Cole to get better. So, I'm constantly revising my impatience with that. Not an easy thing to continually do, but it's possible.

    All in all, though, I do feel a peace, whether or not it's the peace of the Holy Spirit, I honestly can't say, but I feel a peace. I'm not overly concerned with the bacteria, and part of that is that Dr. Werner, the most conservative of the oncology docs, isn't overly concerned with it. Part of me figures that if he doesn't see a reason to worry and be cautious, then there may be no reason to.