Friday, March 7, 2008

    Wowie Zowie and Radio Debut

    WARNING: Geek Content

    So, for a while now, I've been wondering how many users I have reading this blog on a regular basis. I had estimated anywhere from 1 (my mom) to around 10. Turns out I was WAY off. Turns out I have about 28 unique readers (in 2 days). Even accounting for a few people using two machines, that's way more than I expected.

    Now, how did I arrive at this fantastical number? I installed Google's Analytics code in my blog. Google Analytics allows you to embed a piece of tracking javascript in your web page(s). That tracking script then keeps track of some basic statistics on each of your visitors, such as where they go on your web site or where they came from (search engines, links from other sites or direct reference). Once your tracker has been running for a day, you can go to the analytics website, log in and check these statistics. It's pretty cool, I think, but then, I'm a geek, so I think stuff like this is nifty.

    Here are some interesting statistics:

    • 63% of my visitors use Internet Explorer, while 4% use Safari (hi John!)
    • I had 33 visits on the 5th and 44 visits on the 6th
    • 86% of visitors are direct traffic (which means they come directly to my page without going through a search engine or someone else's site), while 8% come from links on other sites
    All of that is immensely fascinating to me. I'm quite glad I got it working (it took me a few days to get it right).

    End Geek Content

    Cole had his radio debut yesterday. A radio station was running a radio-thon at CHKD and they asked Cole to say a few words (as a patient). He gave his best rendition of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to start with, and when asked if he'd gotten ladies numbers, he responded "Yes."

    Apparently the stardom went to his head, however. Once they finished the interview, he threw a full-blown 2 year old temper tantrum in the lobby of CHKD (much to Dalynn's mortification). I'm sure that coming off of stardom is a difficult thing, but I'm also sure Cole will adapt to it handily. Fear not!

    Lastly, I'd like to congratulate the Hennigan's on the birth of their baby girl, Lucy. She was a bigun', 9 lbs 8 oz and was delivered by C-section this morning, early. Apparently mom, dad and baby are all doing well. Congrats Hennigan's!


    Eric and Lindsay said...

    The Johnson's are faithful checkers of the blog! I'm sure Dalynn was mortified with the tantrum. Abby has been throwing some good ones very nicely. Glad the Hennigans had the baby!

    Anonymous said...

    Ahh yes the Healys check daily on our little Cole! That's awesome he got to be on the Radio. Hi Dalynn.
    Love Nikki

    Mom to 3 girls said...

    Okay, so Cole threw a big one...what a perfectly normal thing for a 2 year old! Isn't it nice to see him acting like he should? I mean, not that we aren't all mortified at times by their actions...but still, I think it is a good thing that he is still totally a 2 year old boy. Praise the Lord for that energy needed to throw the fit! Know we are praying for Cole's protection during this round of chemo. We love you!
    The Mansfields

    Valerie said...


    Well, I guess now is as good a time as any to tell you that I came here at least 2 times a week. I never really know what to say. So I read, and then I pray for what your family needs at the time.

    (ps. I have your site on my favorites list, since we're laying it all out on the table;)

    Valerie (& Brian)

    Langston-Family said...

    Jerry and I check daily as well! Thanks for keeping us informed. How else will Conner know how to pray for Cole? :) And congrats on the tantrum! He's a real two year old! I love it!
    Love and Prayers,

    Michael.Rollins said...

    Yeah, Cole throwing a temper tantrum is a pretty typical 2 year old thing to do! And you're right, Mrs. Mansfield, praise the Lord he can.

    It's kind of cool to see all these folks that check the site regularly, though it kind of sounds like I was fishing, which I swear I wasn't! "Nobody reads, poor me!" Lol.

    And, Vash, it took me a minute to place your real name. I'm so used to calling you by your chars name!