Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    One Week Down

    Well, we're one week in to delayed intensification, and so far so good. Cole's had some constipation problems, and will get another enema today, but the steroids don't seem to be messing him up as bad as I thought they would. If things continue as they are (and I use "if" as a kind of "knock on wood") then it will be tolerable.

    Of course, in Leukemia Land, nothing is as it seems. That's something that's been proven to us already. But, hopefully, things won't get worse.

    One thing that I can say is a plus is that Cole has not gotten sick recently. We've had some kind of nasty cold running around our house. Both Logan and I have had it, though with Logan it was RSV, which I don't know if I had, but the antibiotics sure didn't seem to touch it. Anyways, Dalynn might be coming down with it now, too. And this isn't the first cold/bug to work its way through our house over the past couple months.

    However, Cole has stayed consistently well, even with neutropenia, which is nothing short of miraculous. Now, if he can stay well for the next few weeks, it'll be really awesome. So get your prayer on.