Tuesday, February 5, 2008

    My Brother's Love Child

    This is Logan. He's adorable, isn't he?

    This is an old picture, as you can tell from the creases in the scanned image. I'd say it's about 28 years old. From left to right, it's my, mom Susie, my brother, Todd, my dad, Wayne and me, Mike.

    Now, look closely at Logan and then at Todd. Kind of wild, huh?

    The running joke in our family right now (besides the effectiveness of the Leukemia diet) is that Logan is Todd's love child. Dalynn is horrified every time I say that. The first time I said it, she gasped and informed me, "Well, he's not!"

    The fact of the matter, however, is that Logan looks eerily like Todd when Todd was an infant. Not only that but Logan seems to be following in the footsteps of Todd with his physical ability. I took this video just a few days ago. Keep in mind that Logan is only 5 months old in this, and he's easily palming balls like it's nothing.

    Now, it's entirely possible that I'm just a proud daddy and Logan is just a normal kid, but I think that history has my back, here. Logan shares at least a quarter of the genes that Todd has, and maybe those genes have made Logan a pint-sized super-star! After all, Todd's an amazing athlete, so why couldn't Logan be, too? Oh, yeah, don't forget that Dalynn probably has some good genes on her side, too...

    So, if you see Todd, let him know I posted this, and give him a look at it!


    Susan said...

    And might I add that Logan is also one of the BEST babies I have ever cared for! Which, unfortunatly is UNLIKE his Uncle Todd. Sorry Todd, but it's true! Bless your heart, you had colic for 3 months. Bummer. It is strange and sweet for me, at times to look at Logan and remember Todd. Nice picture. I was just wondering who those skinny, pretty people are that are holding my adorable children. Hmmm...


    Michael.Rollins said...

    Yeah, Logan is an amazingly awesome baby. He hardly ever fusses or cries and he's almost always content. If he does cry, then he normally settles down after a few minutes (unless something is really bothering him).

    I live for his smile, and I get it a lot, which is awesome.

    As far as Todd and Logan not having similar personalities, well, that goes without saying. Todd was an obnoxious little stinker and Logan is easy-cheesy. Course, you never know, Logan could take on Todd's ornery-ness at any time!

    Kathy N said...

    I cannot believe that you two are lying about Todd in this way. He was a sweet cuddly awesome baby. I know, I was there. Kathy N

    Dr. Dave said...

    In my opinion, he is definitely someone special to be proud of.

    Dr. Dave said...

    In my opinion, he is definitely someone special to be proud of.