Sunday, August 23, 2009

    Vacation Day 9: Water Parks and Arcades

    Wednesday morning we ventured out to a water park called "Wild Water and Wheels". It's one of those combo parks with go-carts and bumper boats attached. Cole especially loved it. Logan had to warm up to it as the water in the kiddie pools were a little deep for him, but he eventually did just that. The neat thing about this park is that it had at least 3 kiddie pools with different things in them. We spent time in each, but the boys had the most fun in the pool that had a kiddie slide attached. We all played and played and played til the melt-downs started happening. We trucked it back home and had lunch, then put the kids down for naps.

    That afternoon we headed south of Myrtle Beach and went to Garden City. I have to admit, this turned out to be the pleasant surprise of the trip. We at first attempted to go to a place called "Crabby Mike's". It's a calabash seafood bar. It, however, was packed. We veered off and went instead to a Ryan's Steakhouse.

    It's been a long time since I've been to a Ryan's and I have to say that we will probably be going back. The food was good and the people were so nice. It's a buffet style setup so you can eat til you drop. I got a decent sirloin steak along with some other tasty sides and the boys enjoyed the food they ate. Dalynn, who is on some dietary restrictions due to nursing and her gall bladder, was able to eat her fill since there was such a variety. All in all, we all came away from Ryan's very happy.

    After that, we headed in to Garden City proper. Garden City is a quaint little beach village that is so typical of small beach towns. It's just far enough away from Myrtle that it's not built up and you can find some real gems there. One of those gems is where we were headed: The Garden City Pavilion.

    The Garden City Pavilion is an arcade with an attached grill. It's open air and the night was very comfortable. What really sets it apart, though, is that the employees are incredibly friendly. It's not the over-solicitous friendliness you find in a lot of places, it was the good, honest friendliness that you can often find in small towns. The boys each got $5 worth of tokens and they played skee ball and a bazillion other games for tickets. Cole actually surprised me by bringing in 50 tickets with one token on a game I tried to dissuade him from playing!

    The boys managed to cobble together 148 tickets and spending their tickets on loot was just an absolute blast. I used to work in an arcade, so they are near and dear to my heart and watching my boys spend their tickets with wild abandon was really a great thing for me and is something I relished.

    After the tickets were spent we bounced over to the grill for some ice cream. There again we found a wonderful woman who was so friendly. The boys and I each got a big ol' scoop of ice cream on a cone and we ate with zest. Dalynn got a smoothie, but the ice cream was better! We really, truly had a great time in Garden City and I would love to go back some day.

    As with everything on our trip, the water park, Ryan's and Garden City Pavilion were all provided due to Jason's House. Such an amazing time.