Friday, August 14, 2009

    Vacation: Day 3

    Wow, what a day.

    The day started off bright and early as always at 6:30 am. I did get a little extra sleep, after we got the boys up and rolling, but we were all ready to roll by 7:30. It was on to the beach ASAP despite the rain and overcast. The boys were able to work out their fear of the water and after a couple hours Cole, Logan, Gary and I were all bouncing in and out of the waves on the shore. I actually had to start restraining the boys from going in too deep.

    With that we moved on to the pool where Cole honed his swimmie skills and Logan got used to wearing his. We swam for about an hour and then headed in for some lunch. My brother Todd showed up and so we all had some lunch.

    About 12 Logan was ready to drop and asked to go to bed, which is always so cute. "Bed. Me. Bed." Todd left shortly thereafter and Cole went down at 1. Dalynn and I grabbed a quick siesta and then Ava was up.

    From that point on, the day went a little crazy. I took Ava so Dalynn could take a shower. Ava and I woke Cole up after he'd been down for about 45 minutes. Cole was up and he, Ava and I then woke up Logan. So, no one really got a sufficient nap!

    I took the boys to the park and then we all piled into the van to go to a birthday party for some family friends. We went down to Wrightsville beach and the boys played, and played, and played, and played, and... Holy cow, we ran and ran til they were ready to drop. We left the beach at their normal bed time.

    We all got home, they got rinsed off and now their in bed. I have a good salad to eat. Man, I'm tired. I wonder if all of this vacation will be this exhausting? If it is, it'll be fine and we'll have an awesome time.