Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Como Se Llama?

    Originally, I created my twitter account with the handle @jitlife. Obviously, jitlife is my blog, so I thought it made sense. After all, I want people reading my blog, right? Twitter seemed like a good pointer to my blog.

    However, I started rethinking this mindset and eventually asked myself this question: Am I marketing my blog, or am I marketing me? By being @jitlife, I was marketing my blog. Therefor, I determined to change my twitter handle.

    In deciding on my new twitter handle, I came up with a few criteria:
    1. It has to be short
    2. It has to reference me as an individual
    I was going to add as 3 that it had to be clever, but the more that I thought about this, the more I realized that the first 2 are the most important, and in that order.

    It has to be short as twitter only allows 140 characters. If someone is @replying to me and they have to type in a 15 character handle, well, they'll be less inclined to do so (at least from a mobile device) and they'll also have less space to say what they want to say.

    That it must reference me is quite obvious once you realize that I'm marketing myself. The problem here is that all of the obvious references to me were taken! @rollins, @mrollins, @mikerollins, etc. All, gone. Most were taken and had only one or two posts, which is frustrating, but so is life.

    Barring the obvious, I decided to get clever. I chose @rollinsio. Briefly, it's a silly name I call myself when I'm talking in a fake Spanish accent but it's also clever in that it could stand for Rollins I/O: perfect for twitter! It's short and it references me (rollins is prominent).


    rls03 said...

    Rollins I/O - sounds much better than when I say rollinsio out loud (my high school spanish accent kicks in)! Love the shirt BTW, I think I saw that at urban outfitters once.

    Chris Warner said...

    Can I get a shirt? I like!

    Chris Warner said...

    Can I get a shirt? I like!