Friday, May 16, 2008

    I Did It!

    Well, I officially started working out today.

    I joined the VB Rec Centers yesterday and headed out to the pool today. I swam 1/2 a mile in about 30 minutes, which is an agonizingly slow pace, but at least I did it.

    I think I can get that to a mile in 30 minutes if I really work at it. That's one of my goals for now. My other goal is to swim 30 minutes, Monday/Wednesday/Friday for a month. I think that if I can just get started, I'll keep it up. I'll be going during my lunch break and will be arriving to work a half hour early on the days that I swim. That allows 45 minutes for swimming and shower and 45 minutes for lunch.

    I'll have to weigh myself somewhere, but I figure I'm around 235 lbs right now, which is close to the biggest I've ever been. I'd like to get back in the neighborhood of 200 lbs. I'll also probably take a "before" picture tonight and, if I'm not too embarrassed, when I get an "after" picture I'll post em side by side. Hopefully the "after" picture will do me better justice than I know the "before" picture will.

    That's a whole lot of plans, but maybe if I blog about it, I'll stay honest. Besides, it feels good to blog about something other than cancer...


    Eric and Lindsay said...

    Good job Mike! Getting into a routine is key. I was doing so well going to the gym last time Eric was deployed but have since slacked off and we never go now. I'm such a bum!

    Susan said...

    You GO Michael!! I can sure tell the difference now that I am not teaching Jazzercise. BUMMER!! Making it a "habit" is the key. Have fun!!!