Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    Indoctrination and the Mac App Store

    A couple days ago I bought my first Mac.  It is a 13" MBP, all aluminum and glass, light and airy and ridiculously sexy in its design.  It is hands down the nicest laptop I've ever worked on.  I get why folks love these things.

    Now, I've been using Apple products in the form of iPhones for several years, so this isn't my first Apple device, and there's one thing that I'm finding very compelling on this MBP that I didn't think I would:  the Mac App Store.  Every time I've needed some miscellaneous app, I've fired up the App Store first.  Why?

    I've been indoctrinated by my iPhone to always look there for my apps, and that paradigm is moving with me as I delve into this entirely different segment of Apple's products.  And, while I've heard many people disparage the Mac App Store, I'm willing to bet that it's going to be a lot more successful than folks are giving it credit for.

    There are a lot of people that are coming to Apple computers as their second or third Apple device.  Those initial devices will almost invariably be iOS devices, and on iOS you look to the App Store to find all the killer things you need.  There's now a link between Apple and App Store in people's heads, and that link will hold true as people dive into Apple computers.

    So beware, all you haters.  As the late adopters show up to the party, this Mac App Store thing might just take off.


    Dave Herring said...

    I bought an iMac in early 2006...which is still just as awesome as the day it was bought. Then was part of the initial iPhone in 2007 (with no app store or apps other than what came did I survive?!), now still with my 3GS. In 2009 bought the 13" aluminum MBP I use daily. I absolutely love Mac because of their quality build, and the beauty of OSX and iOS. Looking forward to iOS5, iPhone 5, and Lion!

    About the Mac App Store, though.... I've been disappointed that it's not picking up apps I installed before the App Store came out. For instance, it doesn't recognize my iWork suite, and thus won't update them through the store like my other apps. I think in a few years it will be developed enough to do everything we need it to, but right now it's still a bit fresh.

    Speaking of apps, I have a good idea for an iOS app. Want to develop it for me? ;-)

    Michael Rollins said...

    Seeing as how this is a brand new MBP, I haven't tried to update anything in the App Store that I purchased outside of it. That sees like a pretty valid problem for Apple, though, especially since they're pushing the App Store so hard. After all, you'll only be able to get Lion on the App Store. There needs to be some mechanism for converting back to the App Store, though I have no idea what that mechanism would be.

    We'll see what the adoption rate of the App Store is. If, like I think, late adopters will drive it, then Apple may get some legs out of it yet. But that's a question that only time will answer.

    As to your app, well...