Thursday, May 5, 2011 Card Unboxing

    I received a box of 50 business cards in the mail today from  I was so impressed with the packaging that I decided to do an unboxing video.  The cards look great, as you can see in the video, and the packaging is impressive.

    Couple quick insights into ordering cards from moo:

    • Each card can have a different image
    • If you're ordering from a connected service like, then moo will include a QR code that points back to your entry on that site (for instance, my QR codes point back to
    • The card creation wizard is really easy to use
    • My cards were a special free offer (only had to pay for shipping).  They have a black advert at the bottom for  That will not be present on fully paid cards, but it's not distracting at all.
    I'm impressed enough that I'm going to order more.