Wednesday, September 2, 2009

    Movies Movies!

    Here are some videos of the boys from our trip. Both videos are from the hotel room.

    First off, here is Logan singing a Jesus song. Whenever I pull out my guitar and ask him what he wants to hear, he yells "Jesus". I don't really know what song he means, so I generally play one of my Dad's, which seems to satisfy him.

    Next, we have Cole performing a series of "gig moves". Gig moves were coined by Cole and Doug White together one evening. Cole was showing off his dance moves to Doug, and Doug responded by showing off his own dance moves. Somewhere in all of that, "gig move" was born.

    Cole's signature gig move is one hand on the ground, one hand in the air above his back. Here, you see a "new" gig move. Cole seems quite satisfied with himself, I have to say, and well he should!