Friday, February 6, 2009


    I am pleased to report that Dr. Mahafee successfully implanted a Portacath in Cole today. The surgery was not all smooth sailing but the end result was success, and that is all we can ask. Cole came through it like a champ and we couldn't be prouder of him.

    One little note: When I was getting Cole ready to sit down with me while we were in the PACU, as I was bundling Cole into my arms, Cole said, "I'm tired of fighting this freaking battle!" While I don't necessarily want my 3 year old using "freaking", I can totally agree with the sentiment!


    HeatherL said...

    ROFL!! Right on, Cole! I'm so glad it's in and I'm praying it works out better this time! Two thumbs up and big (((hugs))) for Cole and his Mama and Daddy!

    Sara Beth Roberts said...

    I think you have the only 3 year old who even knows what that word means--he has always been advanced!