Thursday, October 16, 2008

    Official News About Our New Addition

    Well, we had our ultra-sound yesterday and we now know what we're going to have. My Mom is so thrilled she's called me 3 times in the last 24 hours and emailed me at least twice. She's already started smocking, I do believe, and is preparing to bring out the Princess clothes on demand.

    In case you need more insight, we're having a girl. As Dalynn put it "... there was no hot dog but we saw a hamburger bun..."

    Now, before you ask, we haven't officially chosen a name, yet. There is a strong front-runner, though, and that will probably be the name we go with. Once we finalize it, I'll post it here for you.

    Having a girl is a bit frightening to me, I have to be honest. I pretty much have the boy thing wrapped up, at least up to this point. I know how to change a boy diaper, I know how to play with boys. I have no idea how to fix hair (God knows, I don't fix mine, that's for sure, and never have) or put a bow in. I think I can get the diaper changing thing relatively quickly, but what do I do when it comes time to show her how to potty on the potty? I can't just tell her to "stand and shoot"... What if I have to play Barbies or My Little Ponies? I'm certainly not up on that kind of thing. Being the oldest of 3 boys (initially) and not having lived at home when we adopted Katy, I'm a little bit behind the curve.

    For all of you girl parents out there (and here, I'm specifically thinking of Lori, Becca and Sara Beth) we'll be coming for your clothes!

    That's the other thing, we have boy clothes coming out of our yin-yang. Oh, and we have boy toys, too. But, nary a girl clothing is to be found in our home (and only a few girl toys...). Somehow, though, I doubt that us finding suitable hand-me-downs will deter Dalynn from stopping and shopping at every little girls department she can find! She told me one day when we were looking for some clothes for Cole before he was born, "If we ever have a girl, we're in trouble. I'll buy everything I see."

    Also, I hear all the time about how daddies are crazy about their little girls. Now, I'm crazy about my boys, so to imply that there is a level of craziness yet to be attained is a little bit... overwhelming.

    So, a girl seems to me to indicate Barbie-styled Pink Insanity... Yeah, that can be a little frightening!

    All in all, though, I'm thrilled. I've been thinking for a while now that I'd be disappointed if we never had a little girl, simply because I'd like to see what the experience on the other side of the coin is like. I have a feeling that I'll be even happier once I get to really experience it.


    Eric and Lindsay said...

    Well, Mike, girls aren't so bad. Eric only knows girls and it seems that is all he will know. So, you can ask him what to do. He just had to learn about the potty thing with a girl. I had to talk her through it with him standing there so he knew what to tell her when he has to do it. It doesn't have to be crazy pink all the time (though if Sara Beth and Christi have anything to say about it, you will have lots of pink). I was not a huge pink fan and still am not but we have plenty of pink at my house!

    Michael.Rollins said...

    I appreciate the encouragement, Lindsay! I may, indeed, call Eric to ask him about any tips he might have.

    As to Sara Beth and Christi having something to do with it, they already are... Sara Beth is donating all of Addy's old bedding to us, and it's all pink... At least I won't have to repaint the nursery, though, as I'm told that the green we have in there now goes well with pink. Phew.

    Sarah McGowan said...

    Hi Michael and Dalynn,

    I am Abigail's mom from the clinic at CHKD, it has been a while since I visited with Dalynn there, but wanted to say Congratulations on your girl!!!!!!! As the mother of five boys and two girls, I have to tell you those girls are sweet. They are very different, too, than boys. We had four boys first, so we were shocked and overjoyed that #5 was a girl, and even more overjoyed when #7 was a girl, too. I am so grateful that God has blessed you and I enjoy reading about you guys and Cole on here. I will continue to pray for you and look forward to hearing about Cole and seeing him get all better. I hope you remeber who I am!!! BTW my e-mail is, so Dalynn, drop me a line if you get a chance. And again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

    Sara Beth Roberts said...

    No worries--I can teach you about the bows! One of my favorite things is when I am doing laundry and I pull a bow out of Tyler's pants pockets (this happens at least once a day because he never puts them back in...) I am sure that I will tell that same exact story at Addy's wedding...
    You are going to love a little girl like crazy--why? Because you can protect her, and you teach her to be "sweet" not "tough." Most of all you will look at her and see Dalynn and your heart will melt (just like when we look at our boys and see our husbands.)
    Congratulations! We have dresses galore!

    Sara Beth Roberts said...

    P.S. Girl newborn diapers are easier to change, because they don't get circumcised (watch out for that:) AND they don't have an obsession with you know what, resulting in possible poop on little hands...can I write that on the blog? Oh well, I am just telling it like it is.